Ten Performance Indicators of Effective Team Players

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The following list is compiled from Actual Teamability® reports. Teamability tech reveals the # 1 Performance Indicator: “How will a person perform when collaborating to solve problems, overcome obstacles and achieve common goals.”

  1. Make superior decisions in a consistent manner that is aligned with the organizational culture and focused on the broad goals of the organization.
  2. Persuade others, have an impact on them and mobilize them in order to advance the organization’s purposes and guarantee the organization’s as well as their own best interests.
  3. Identify obstacles as well as real and potential problems and then strive to enlist the aid of others to prevent or overcome them.
  4. Gain the confidence of others, and credibility, through their own integrity.
  5. Consistently gives their best, and have pleasure, passion, and pride for what they do
  6. If someone comes to them for help, will do whatever necessary to assist.
  7. Identify and encourage workers’ talents and guide them well enough to ensure the organization’s future.
  8. Consider everyone’s interests in a fair manner without favoring some at the expense of others.
  9. Understand their own limitations in making decisions,
  10. Lead projects and manage processes in an effective manner that usually includes influencing people in a constructive way, even those who may be quite different in their thinking and customs.

“Teamability is like having the answer key to a million-piece organizational puzzle.”

R. “Ray” Wang Chairman and Founder Constellation Research

Teamability defined:

1) Ability to connect with others and form collaborative relationships;

2) Ability to communicate with the intent to advance the team’s mission; and

3) The way a person chooses to make meaningful contributions to his or her team.

I work with business owners, leaders and stakeholders to help solve today’s business challenges.

·     Uncovering what’s really going on in your organization.

·     Understanding why some people create synergy & collaboration while others create roadblocks & obstacles.

·     Getting the right people in the right seats fast.

·     Evaluating people fairly and objectively.

·     Creating strategic & sustainable processes to build inclusive, high-performance teams.

·     Improve company performance, employee workplace satisfaction & engagement.

·     Reduce risks and make more informed decisions.

Knowing people’s Teamability & understanding Teams Dynamics are critical to making fully informed business decisions to achieve ROI.

A New & Bias-Free Way to Know

Teamability tech is new, it’s NOT derived from personality factors data, from Engagement, EQ, or ‘Strengths’ surveys, or from any other familiar tools or methods.

For more info or to book a confidential consult: Email or call 416-953-0079.

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