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What Sets TeamQuest Apart?

We believe business is a Team Sport; we walk the talk by applying Teamability tech. Teamability measures the # 1 Performance Indicator: How People Will Perform in Teams.

This incredible new tech, at the centre of our approach, uncovers root causes to problems and provides highly relevant information; enabling effective strategies and actions that dramatically improve individual, team and company performance!

Business results depend on how people ‘team’ with each other that’s why TeamQuest solutions are based on ‘team performance metrics’.


  • “100% accurate.”
    Carla Longhorst, President & CEO, Small Business Solver Inc.
  • "Find the gems of talent in a sea of resumes.”
    Evelyn Roth, RothMark Strategic Marketing
  • "Marci is bringing the best talent to our organization situated in the highly competitive cutting-edge Software as a Service (SaaS) world”
    Simon Raybould, Director of Sales & Business Development, BiteBank Media
  • “Beyond all expectations.”
    Cindy Gaichuk, Chief Improvement Officer, Olive Tree Business Improvement Solutions
  • “A turning point in my career.”
    Dominique-Sebastien Forest, Executive in Residence, Advisor & Investor
  • "I would highly recommend TeamQuest for their unique process including Teamability, it produces outstanding results.”
    Randall Gravlin, Program Excellence Business Line Leader Hewlett-Packard
  • “Super impressed with her abilities and success!”
    Sumeet Khanna, Vice President, Microsoft Office Division, Microsoft Canada
  • “A trailblazer.”
    Anita Windsman, Sales Product Consultant, LinkedIn
  • Beyond all expectations.
    Cindy Gaichuk,

“Teamability is an answer to a million-piece organizational puzzle.”

R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst and Founder of Constellation Research, Inc.

Talent Assessment & Team Building – Updated

TeamQuest Advisors is leading the way from outdated and ineffective talent models of subjective ‘individual performance’ to an effective and updated talent model based on bias-free, data-driven ‘team performance’.

Current hiring and assessment practices are quickly becoming outdated because they center around measuring: experience, education, personality, and skills. These measures are not objective and don’t accurately predict anything.  The fine print tells us time and time again “Past performance is no guarantee of future results”.

With 20 years of experience in the business, TeamQuest offers you something new and different, proven to deliver results faster with better ROI.  Award-winning and bias-free Teamability® tech and Collaborative Team Structure® concepts integrated into our business solutions.  Our expertise, this tech and these concepts are what make the difference enabling us to identify and explain “how people perform when collaborating to solve problems, overcome obstacles and achieve common goals”.  This adds immeasurable value to what we do for our clients.

Teamability tech launched in 2009 it is a new assessment tech that began, over 25 years ago, as a unique study of teamwork by two behavioural scientists. Teamability was engineered to identify and organize the Dynamics of Team Interaction.

Teamability® is The # 1 Predictor of Success 

Anyone can produce a roster of candidates that are comparable in education, experience, intelligence, presentation, and apparent ‘fit’.

A TeamQuest we answer the question of Teamability: How will a person perform when collaborating to solve problems, overcome obstacles and achieve common goals?

Teamability defined:

1) Ability to connect with others and form collaborative relationships;
2) Ability to communicate with the intent to advance the team’s mission; and
3) The way a person chooses to make meaningful contributions to his or her team.

Knowing people’s Teamability and understanding Teams Dynamics are the ‘keys’ when it comes to making important business decisions if you want to achieve ROI.

A New & Bias-Free Way to Know

Teamability tech is new, it’s NOT derived from personality factors data, from Engagement, EQ, or ‘Strengths’ surveys, or from any other familiar tools or methods. Teamability produces Team Performance Analytics the key to understanding the “who” and “why” to selecting the best person for the job, organization and building high-performance team.

Throughout its development, Teamability was examined for evidence of bias (age, race, gender, nationality, culture). No indication of bias was found. The University of Pennsylvania Journal of Labor and Employment Law singled out Teamability as bias‐free and in compliance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

TeamQuest Advisors Solves Organizational Puzzles

Corporate Culture, Employee Engagement, Talent Assessment, Acquisition & Retention, Leadership/Coaching and Teamwork are all moving pieces in an organizational puzzle.

TeamQuest applies Teamability tech because it measures the way a person ‘connects’ to the needs of the team: not just to other people, but to the team itself as a living entity. It was created based on 30 years of R& D by behavioural scientist’s Dr.’s Presser and Gerber.

Teamability and its integrated leadership methods have impacted 350+ organizations on five continents, minimizing workplace stress, raising individual and team productivity, increasing employee engagement, and dramatically reducing turnover.

What You Can Accomplish

  • Create: Teamwork in project teams, production teams, sales & service teams and all teams
  • Discover: What’s really going on inside your teams.
  • Compare: High to low-performing branch offices, franchise locations or virtual teams.
  • Power-up: every aspect of your business; Leadership, Recruitment, Engagement Productivity, Service, Quality and ROI

Knowing how each person intrinsically seeks to team with others is invaluable in selecting, developing, leading and motivating people to reach new heights of team contribution.

Achieve Leadership Excellence & Improve Business Performance

Use Information and Teamwork

Contact Marci Schnapp, Teamability Consultant & Founder TeamQuest Advisors to set up a consultation
marci@teamquestadvisors.com or 416-953-0079

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” Michael Jordan


TeamQuest Advisors

TeamQuest Advisors provides recruitment & Teamability® business consulting services to virtually every business sector.

TeamQuest Advisors was created in 2009, after 10 years as operating as New Media Links a successful recruitment agency.  TeamQuest is a technologically advanced talent firm that has made a paradigm shift from recruiting “talent and individuals” with a mix of skills and experience to building team-centric organizations made up of high-performance teams.

By applying award-winning and bias-free Teamability Tech as the core of our services, we can help you create teams that outperform in environments where people thrive together and reach new levels of success.

From objectively identifying the best candidate for a role, to facilitating the creation of corporate cultures that attract and retain the best talent, we can help you reap the many benefits of building high-performance teams.

Understand Team Dynamics

“We, as humans, affect each other profoundly, and it is the way we affect each other that determines our value to our organizations.” ~ Dr. Presser, Co-creator of Teamability technology.

The Secret To Success Is Knowing How We Team & Whom To Team With

TeamQuest delivers the secret to success, our approach and process based on advanced tech and data “Teaming Metrics” and “True Analytics of Team Dynamics” objectively answers today’s most relevant business questions: How We Team & Whom To Team With?

A few challenges we answer:

  • How can I outperform my competition, acquiring high-demand talent?
  • How can I create a bias-free recruitment process?
  • How can I onboard and coach new employees more effectively?
  • Why is an employee underperforming?
  • Why is a team not meeting its targets?
  • Why is turnover so high?
  • Why is our recruitment cycle so long?
  • How can we build an inclusive culture?
  • How can we consistently hire the very best?
  • Who should I promote?
  • How can I improve team performance and overall engagement?

Teamability tech  & Team Analysis provide True Analytics of Team Dynamics

True Analytics of Team Dynamics is unparalleled information designed to predict and understand each team member’s role on the team, ability to perform when collaborating with others to solve problems, overcome obstacles and achieve common goals.

Use True Analytics of Team Dynamics to decide virtually everything: who to hire, where you need to make changes, who to move, who to change and who to promote.

TeamQuest Process

Better Information + Better Process = Better Outcome

TeamQuest is one of a handful of business consultancies to partner with The Gabriel Institute (TGI) creators of a new and award-winning tech called Teamability. Teamability tech is the only way to measure a person’s ability to with others to solve problems and achieve common goals. 

Our process begins with the premise “teams are their own Living Entities” a team analysis looks at a teams Quality and Ability to achieve goals in the context of the business. This premise a team is a Living Entity is the KEY difference between Teamability tech and any other assessments or methodologies.  From inception Teamability it was designed to identify and organize the way people work in teams.

Team Analysis reveals what’s happening between team members value is derived by gaining a new perspective and objective understanding of  ‘Team Dynamics’.

How it Works

  1. Consultant with us and decide what you want to accomplish – Goals & KPI’s
  2. Parties involved complete the Teamability exercise – online usually people finish within an hour
  3. Our consultant will do a team analysis
  4. Our consultant will inform you of exactly what’s going on between people as they work together, giving you an accurate, bias-free and tangible measure of the quality of the team performance – including a team SWOT analysis
  5. We will identify causes of—and cures for—team performance problems, low levels of engagement, chronic conflict, unwanted turnover, etc.
  6. Our consultant will make recommendations, discuss strategy and or execute action items necessary for you to accomplish your goals!

We assist those who are seeking systematized, modern methods and tools for talent selection, maximizing individual and team performance to realize business objectives. Working with TeamQuest, you will have an effective, sustainable and bias-free process for gathering the data you need to address the following:

  • Is a candidate/employee’s NATURAL ABILITY IS IN ALIGNMENT with the requirement of the job
  • How a candidate/employee’s measures in COMPARISION to others for BEST ROI
  • Does a candidate/employee’s have POTENTIAL FOR ADVANCEMENT in the organization
  • How to most effectively ONBOARD and INTEGRATE a new team member or leader
  • How to effectively LEAD, MOTIVATE and REWARD a candidate/employee
  • The BEST TEAMMATES OR PARTNERS for a candidate/employee to work with
  • Specific areas for COACHING AND DEVELOPMENT for a candidate/employee
  • Any potential “RED FLAGS” or possible reasons not to hire/invest in a candidate/employee

“Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money that you want without becoming very good at it.” Brian Tracy

Business Solutions

    • Executive Search, Talent Acquisition & Recruitment
    • Team (SWOT) Analysis
    • Team Target® Diagram
    • Teamability® Team Playbook
    • Leadership Development & Coaching
    • Talent Strategy Road-maps
    • Organizational Development
    • Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Training
    • Organizational Development & Succession Planning
    • Conflict Diagnostics & Resolution

Business Benefits

    • Reduce turnover, recruitment & training costs
    • Accurately identify and fill gaps on teams
    • Invest ONLY in high-quality team players
    • Gain a reliable, objective and sustainable talent assessment process
    • Create teamwork in project teams, production teams, sales & service teams and all teams
    • Power-up every aspect of your business; Leadership, Recruitment, Engagement Productivity, Service, Quality and ROI
    • Create a profitable, progressive, diverse and team-centric company
    • Resolve conflicts and reduce workplace stress
    • Reduce inherent risks – by making better-informed choices

Our Founder

Marci Schnapp

Marci is a Teamability Founder and Vision Mover with 20 years of experience in Recruitment/Executive Search/Talent Acquisition, Coaching and Business Consulting.

Marci created TeamQuest after meeting Behavioural Scientist Dr. Janice Presser at an industry conference in New York City. Dr. Presser co-creator of Teamability made such a positive impact on Marci’s professional and personal life that she founded TeamQuest Advisors to share these benefits with her clients. TeamQuest Advisors is an Exclusive Canadian Partner of The Gabriel Institute, Philadelphia.

TeamQuest’s mission is to ensure that each of our clients and candidates has the highest level of satisfaction with the results of our service. Our vision is to achieve an unqualified referral from every assignment.

Before creating TeamQuest Marci founded New Media Links, xSearch and @Work Solutions. Marci and her team have recruited and placed team members ranging from entry to C level. Marci’s organizations have worked with clients such as AOL Canada, MSN.ca, Microsoft Canada, World Vision Canada, Bank of Montreal, Royal LePage, CIBC, Dell, MacLaren McCann, VFM Interactive, US Bank, Desjardin General Insurance, Rogers and many more.

Throughout her career, she has demonstrated an ability to bring people together in ways that are mutually beneficial this coupled with her strong influencing, communication, and negotiating skills have garnered her an excellent reputation.

Internet/Social Media-savvy Marci was among the first 1% of LinkedIn’s users (# 88798).

It’s Marci’s strong sense of responsibility to the people she works with and for that motivates her and gives her a sense of purpose, joy and accomplishment.

Discover what’s really going on inside your teams.

Understand how different people serve different team needs.

Succeed when people team better and accomplish more.



  • Increase your bottom line
  • Outperform your competition, acquiring high-demand talent
  • Build and lead high-performance teams
  • Create a bias-free recruitment process
  • Understand why a team is underperforming and what to do about it
  • Understand why turnover is high and how to reduce it

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